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Family Dinner Plan - Week 1

Updated: Mar 3, 2018

We're so excited to be launching our series of weekly family dinner plans - we think you are going to LOVE them! Our plans are designed to help you save precious time planning and cooking, de-stressing dinner times and giving you more time with your kids.

Our yummy recipes are great for the whole family, with special extras to transform them from toddlers dishes into adult meals, meaning you don't have to cook 2 different dinners each night - hurray! We develop and try out the plans at home each week with my family, and the photos you see are the ones we take at home.

We dedicate a couple of nights in the plan to "Little Bud" meal night - giving you time off cooking so you have more time to enjoy with the family (and can treat yourself to a takeaway, or a spicy dinner the kids wouldn't eat, or OMG maybe even a night out for dinner! Bliss!)

Make sure you sign up to our newsletter on our home page and we'll email you the latest meal plan each week. And sharing is caring, so pass this on to any friends who may also appreciate it 😉

Wishing you stress free dinnertimes, from our Little Bud family to yours!

Love Rachel x

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